Construction of gas and heating installations


What are the steps to bringing natural gas to your home?

To bring natural gas in your home in the presence of a gas pipeline, you need to go through the following steps:
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The first step to gasifying your home is to have a gas and heating installation. We can do this for you! For your convenience, we have made things very easy for you to request us online HERE.
Home visit and preparation of an offer

Within a few days our specialists will contact you to have a look at your home, after which they will prepare you an offer for construction of gas and heating installation, delivery and installation of appliances.
Our contract

Your acceptance of the offer is a guarantee of our commitment. You receive a 5-year warranty on the completed construction works and a 2-year warranty on all installed appliances, unless an additional term is agreed upon. For example, most of our gas boilers offer up to 7 years of extended warranty.
Installation of appliances

Installing appliances in your home depends on how many they are and what exactly you will use natural gas for. Our consultants will give you the exact deadline and will do it at a convenient time for you.
Technical supervision of the gas installation

After the installation is completed, it is legalized by issuing an authorization for commissioning by an authorized technical supervision company, for which we can assist you by arranging it for you during the planning of all construction activities.
Starting the gas

You need to apply to the respective gas distribution company for your location and pay an affiliation fee that varies from company to company. After this step, the gas company gives you a deadline to start the gas. In order not to deal with the sometimes difficult and lengthy procedures on your own, you can take advantage of our Gas Consultant service, which we are fully involved in the gasification process from start to finish. All you have to do is turn on the appliance.
Setting up the appliances

After putting gas in your home, our specialists adjust the appliances to the most efficient mode of operation and teach you how to work with the appliances. Remember, Smart technologies nowadays lead to convenience and money savings, when it comes to heating and cooling. Take advantage of our opportunities to offer you the best Smart solution to manage your heating system so you don't pay high bills.

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If a gas pipeline is not in place, it may be necessary to seek the consent of the owners of the building and the other apartments, which would delay gasification.
If you do not have a gas pipeline, you must submit an application to build a gas transmission network to the company that holds the license for your place of residence. We can help with this as well.
Please write your current address: City, Neighborhood, Street, Number, Building, Entrance, Floor and Apartment number

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