Custom furniture

Our furniture is fully responsive to your wishes and needs. When choosing custom furniture you have the right to choose the material and they are made to the exact size of your room. Our consultants will help you choose the right layout for your furniture and appliances so you can use the space in the most practical way.
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What is the process of making custom furniture?

Here's how we create the furniture for your home:
Taking measurements

Getting the right measurements for the room for which we will make the furniture is the most important part. This happens within a few hours, depending on the room, of course, and is done at a convenient time for you. Our consultants work with you to refine the concept and design of what's to come.
Project preparation

Within 15 working days, our designers complete your project and then submit it to you for approval.
Furniture manufacture

After paying 60% of the cost of the project, our designers begin to produce it, with an average of 30 days for LDF * and 45 days for MDF *.
*LDF and MDF are types of wood material.
Delivery and installation

The last steps are delivery and installation, which are carried out at a convenient time for you. It takes an average of 1-2 days for installation. The rest of the amount is paid as follows, 30% on delivery and 10% on installation.


You can look through some of our finished projects here