Gas consultant

The gas consultant service is aimed at clients who wish to have gas, but do not have the time and opportunity to go through the process of gasificaton. To that end, we do the whole process for you, until you physically have gas.
The service includes:
1. Filling in and submitting an application for gasification , obtaining consent for gasification, providing the client with a contract for joining and moving the contract to the gas distribution company. There is no need for you to physically go to a client center and deal with the filing of the documents;
2. Assistance in payment of the required fees to the respective gas distribution company (we send the necessary payment documents to the client and keep track of the payment);
3. Arrangement of an initial technical inspection of the customer's internal gas installation by an Authorized Technical Supervision of the Contractor's choice; If you wish we will recommend a Technical Supervision Company;
4. Submission of all necessary documents to the gas distribution company , necessary for verifying the legality and the proper functioning of the internal gas installation.
5. Request to turn on the installation (gas release).
If you would like to subscribe to the service, please complete the form below and receive a response within 24 hours.

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