Low energy bills lab

As one of the leaders in Smart Management, Generix Gas provides a unique, one-of-a-kind auditing service for your gas appliances and related installations to optimize system performance. The ultimate goal is to make sure that your system works well enough to avoid paying higher bills.
If you have doubts that the heating bills you pay for gas are high or your heating system is not delivering the comfort you need in your home, this service is right for you!
The service includes:
1. Technical inspection of gas appliances (mainly boilers) to check that the appliance is optimally tuned and that there aren't defects and deposits in the combustion chamber or other elements leading to improper combustion and higher gas consumption.
For this purpose, we perform an analysis of the boiler fuel gases and their contents, as well as the settings of the other parameters, using modern devices and Smart analysis software. We work with 99% of the gas appliances used on the Bulgarian market.
2. Technical inspection of the heating installation to check for the optimum size of radiators, arrangement of heaters, pipe diameters and more.
The examination shall be carried out on site and shall not exceed 30 minutes. If an incorrect adjustment of the gas appliance is found, it shall be readjusted on site immediately within the price paid for the inspection service.
If you find any deviations from the operation of the gas appliance that require replacement of elements or a more complicated procedure for cleaning the gas chamber, as well as for problems found in the heating installation, we will send you a report with the necessary changes which need to be made to improve the performance of the system. We will additionally recommend a Smart Heating Management System that will save energy.
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